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Creature Cavorts for Pet Visiting, Doggie Trekking, Pet Boarding and more. We are fully qualified & fully insured. Contact Us for details

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 Creature Cavorts offers Pet Owners…..
A complete Pet Care Service including Pet Visiting, Dog Trek & Train, Cat Boarding, Rabbit, Guineas & Small Pet Boarding.




Dog Trekking & Dog Visiting

Creature Cavorts offers a complete Dog Trekking and Dog Visitting Service. We can visit your dogs for feeding, let outs & company while you’re not at home. See our Dog Services page for more information.



Cat Visiting & Cat Boarding

Creature Cavorts offers a complete Cat Care Service. We can visit your cats for feeding and company while you are not at home. We can also board cats at our premises. We are not a cattery, we are a bijou domestic set-up, more like a staycation for pampered kitties. See our Cat Services page for more information.

Pet Visiting & Pet Boarding

Creature Cavorts offers a Pet Visiting Service for dogs, cats and small pets , including hamsters, gerbils, rodents, birds, guinea pigs, exotics and rabbits.  We can visit your pet at your house for feeding, cleaning and any other pet service you require. We also offer boarding at our premises. See our Pet Visiting page for more information

We are members of NARPS. The National Association of Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers. We are DBS checked. We are licensed by our  Local Authority.

Creature Cavorts does not walk or board any dog that hasn’t been microchipped.
It is now a requirement by law ( from April 6th 2016), that all dogs over the age of 8 weeks be microchipped.
Bee dogwalkingDoggie Trekking

Creature Cavorts runs a dog trekking group..

We have available places left. If you would like

to register an interest for a future place in the group please

send enquires or your requirements to creaturecavorts@gmail.com or call 01992448241 & leave a message.


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Phone:  01992 448241
please leave a message and
we will get back to you asap
Text: 07522 032291

Email: creaturecavorts@gmail.com

New- Pet Adventure Playground

We now have a Pet Adventure Playground, where your cat has the freedom to climb tree branches, play amongst the rafters and explore many tunnels.

Bunnies have an 8ft double storey hutch within this safe enclosure also.

This covered playground also provides grass, bark and natural play areas for rabbits and Guineas.

If you have a multipet family that normally commune together this is a perfect play area in-between their Boarding space. Only pets that come from the same home will share at the same time, single pet owners have sole use of the playground on their session.






When out in the countryside I’m often dismayed at just how much plastic rubbish is littering the bushes and trees. Not to mention the amount of assorted dog poo bags pungently adorning the odd tree or two, hanging in the hope of a poo fairy making them disappear!…
Moved by the current topic of plastic littering the depths of our oceans, graphically emphasised by Sir David Attenborough on how it’s harming our wildlife, I’d like to make a stance on how it’s harming our countryside and it’s wildlife too.

“Little Robin Trash Breast”
This is my statement against the dispense of one-use disposable plastics. As David Attenborough and Ralph Fiennes have brought vivid and graphic awareness of what’s happening in our oceans and it’s affect on our wildlife; so to is our countryside and wildlife being affected by our throw-away society.
This Robin is symbolically reflective of that.

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We cover Broxbourne, Great Amwell, Hertford Heath, Hertford, Ware, Dobbs Weir & Nazeing.

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