Cat Services, Cat Visiting, Cat Boarding


Cat Services include Cat Sitting, feeding, cleaning, and any other care you require

Cat Chalet Boarding

Cat Boarding at our premises

We are not a cattery, we are a bijou domestic set-up, more like a staycation for pampered kitties. Boarders come from far and wide for this exceptional service with many a kittie being reluctant to leave after their holiday here. I also multi-pet board, so if a family’s household has a cat, guinea pig and rabbit I can board them all in one location.  The pens/hutches are continuously monitored with CCTV so pets are safe and observed. We only take two family’s cats at a time so the service is specialised.

Creature Cavorts Cat Boarding Service is available to households beyond the specified areas.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.


    Mon – Fri  Cat Boarding
  • £15.00 per cat per day

We have a cat chalet and a cat pen. They both have floor coverings and cat furnishings, toys and activity centres. They have heat pads if the weather gets chilly. The pen and the chalet overlook a garden vista complete with pond, its very tranquil and ambient!

   Weekends & Bank Holidays Cat Boarding
  • £20.00 per cat per day

We only take one family’s cat/cats at a time, so the service is specialized. We require that all kitties are in good health and up-to-date with injections, and have also been treated for fleas and worms as confirmed by their Vets’ report card.

                      Visiting at your home

£12 for 1 cat
£15 for 2 cats




Visiting at your home

Weekend & Bk Holiday

£16 for 1 cat

£20 for 2 cats

Pet Adventure Playground

Cats and bunnies won’t be put together at the same time unless they come from the same family.

Please note: All services are subject to a cancellation fee.

Creature Cavorts also provides a feline wash n’ fluff or wash n’ comb through service. Your cat can be washed in anti-parasitical shampoo, gently warm air dryed, detangled, de- furballed, combed through and claw clipped.

Collection and return is £25.00 inclusive